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30.10.14 / Review of The Lord Crewe Arms

I was shown this lovely piece of writing by a young friend and thought it deserves to be shared with the world.  I can almost smell the chicken roasting and the “Beer Getting Prepared for the men”.
Thanks Gregor.
I think there is a food journalist in the making.
The Lord Crewe is located in stunning Blanchland in Northumberland surrounded by green fields and heather moorland. Well worth a visit.
To see Gregor’s review and his lovely picture- click on “see the album” below.

The Lord Crewe
In the Lord Crewe there is an nice smell of chicken against the burning hot fire.
The chocolate hazelnut morang looking delicious as it is. People chatting loudly as if the were trying to tell everyone in the department.
Beer Getting properd for the men. Waitreses taking Peoples orders. Walls as white as ever.
The comfy chiars stand Proudly. People drinking wine.

Review of The Lord Crewe Arms by Gregor aged 8

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