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03.11.14 / Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie seems to be one of those desserts that been around for ever and remains incredibly popular.  At “the Caf”, back in the ‘90s, we probably served as many portions of Banoffee Pie as all of the other desserts combined.
There is legend surrounding the origins of Banoffee Pie but trawling the internet there seems a consensus that it originated at the Hungry Monk Restaurant in East Sussex back in the early ‘70s.
It is a dish that lends itself to interpretation and so there are lots of different versions out there. At “the Caf” we would omit the coffee and serve it generously laced with rum.
Banoffee is one of desserts that I haven’t made in ages but having been presented with two beautiful individual banoffee pies yesterday I feel that it might have to be reintroduced into my repertoire.
Another young friend, Middle school pupil, Eilidh created these fantastic banoffee pies. The short pastry bases were baked blind and beautifully crisp. The sliced bananas were firm and the cream perfectly soft. Hidden amongst all of that was a smooth caramel that oozed out when I cut into it. Amazing! And to top it all off, each pie was decorated with chocolate rock making it an extra special treat.
Check out the picture and drool. 

Thank you Eilidh for a taste sensation!

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